Demo reels are a collaboration of work an artist has acquired. They usually consist of footage from commercials, television spots, and films that the actor has previously been in. These works are then edited together to show off the actor's skill and versatility. Your Actor Demo Reel gives a casting agent a better idea of how you look on camera and where your skill set is. Fast paced, professional Demo Reels greatly improve the professionalism of your online portfolio and is a great tool to use when auditioning for you projects.

   The process for creating your own Reel is simple. First, contact us at Crown Productions to begin the process. Next, collect footage and video files from all the projects you've worked in. You will need the actual file type (such as .mov, .avi, and .mp4 files), but in case you can't retrieve them we do offer DVD and YouTube “ripping” services. The more work you have the better, so be sure to bring even those early student films you were in.

   Once you have all of your materials you will then sit down with one of our experienced editors here at Crown Studios and they will put together the Reel for you. The editor will work with you to make sure you're presented in the best light possible and in the way you prefer. After this session the editor will polish the sound, color, and graphics of the reel and send you the final Actor Demo Reel. This will be given to you as HD video files optimized for online playback.

   Your resume is always changing, and that's why we make it easy to update your Reel at any time. The first update is completely FREE, and further updates are available for a small fee.

   Call us now at 647-726-1891 and we will make your Actor Demo Reel today!