Crown Productions is a new music and video production studio that caters to all your music, video and photo production needs. They also look after promotion and management needs of developing artists and other clients alike.

   Crown Productions believes that the quality of their work is what sets them apart from their competition. They are determined to provide their clients with the best quality services at the best possible price. Located in Toronto, ON, Canada, their studio offers a 900 Sq./Ft green screen room that includes a 12' door and 24' ceilings as well as 1000 Sq./Ft of rehearsal space.


   Their services include music, video, photo, promotion and management with each service offering different production packages to accommodate their clients’ needs. For video production they produce commercials, music videos, training/instructional videos, actor demo reels and cooperate videos. All video editing is done in house at Crown Productions. For photography they offer fashion and modeling shoots as well as wedding, event and real estate photography along with anything else their clients need.

   With over 10 years of experience in audio recording and production, music composition and beats, and mixing and mastering Crown Productions can help their artists fulfill their goals and dreams. This production studio also works with clients whose budgets are tight because they believe in success and talent. They can also help developing artists in promoting their work through radio spins, press and media exposure and help in searching for funding and grants, as well as web and graphic designing and developing artist posters and album covers.

   Developing music artists who are looking to gain management services can send in their demos to Crown Productions and they will assist you with their profession advice and direction. They understand the challenges that developing artists face and are equipped with the knowledge, strategies and experience needed to develop an artist.

   Crown Productions takes only a limited number of clients so that they may provide the best services they can. They are looking for good music they believe in. They want goodand honest people they can represent, people who can tour when needed and have some basic understanding of the business.

   Crown Productions is a full service facility that invites artists and interested clients to make an appointment and visit their production studio. They welcome anyone looking for the best quality of services in affordable prices that they would not get anywhere else.

   For more information about Crown Production, visit

   The website contains all of the services provided by the production studio, price lists and packages, their partners and contact details.