Do you need a music video to boost your music? You’re in the right place. Crown Productions offers our in-house Green Room to record your video the way you want it. If you already have an artistic idea for the look and flow of your video we will use our creativity and equipment to capture exactly what you want. If you have no idea what you want don’t worry about it, we are here to inspire and get your imagination moving. We will work with you through the different stages of making a music video, this way your video is perfect. We begin with a brainstorming session and write out a storyboard for the video. Once our thoughts are in sequence we will then move to the Green Room and let the movie magic happen. Here our team will help guide and direct you throughout your music performance, ensuring that we capture the best possible production. Once the recording is done we work on the video editing where further creativity and effects are added. Remember that you are the artist and are in charge of the final video. We are here to showcase your music in the most artistic way, the way you want it, and while looking professional. 


Music Video Packages 

Rehearsal Video Recording  from $200.00

Performance Video Recording from $400.00

"Starter" Music Video from $500.00

"Get Famous" Music Video from $1500.00

"King of the Hill" Music Video from $5000.00


   When you hire us to do your music video, we will take care of both shooting and editing. You will receive a complete video in whatever format you need (DVD, Web Video, etc.) Come to Crown Productions where music videos come to life and your lyrics can be seen. Call us now to book your way to the top. 647-726-1891

      "Get Famous" Music Videos by Crown Productions